Animation 101

In Animation 101 we are taught the fundemental principles that make animation work. We go into the science of how and why things move, and are taught how to achieve the illusion throuogh different mediums.

“Animation is not the art of drawings that move, but movements that are drawn.”

Today we focused on timing and spacing. Timing is how many frames an object has and how that effects it’s speed. The more frames an object has, the slower it moves because it has more screen time. Spacing, is how the change in position of an object between frames effects the motion of the object.

The spacing between the ball tells a story on the weight of the ball.
This was my first attempt at an A to B animation, The big problem with it that has become apparent to me now, is that I forgot to include a 25 frame hold at the beginning and the end. This results in the movement looking quite rushed and kind of ‘blink and you’ll miss it’.

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