More A to B animation

This week we were introduced to maya, toon boom, and stop motion pro. We were showed the important things to do when starting a document, such as setting the correct framerate and resolution, which is 1080p25.

This is an A to B animation I did in Maya with some downloaded models. I experimented here with camera movements and keyframing. The most challenging part of animating this was making the car turn around the corners because it involved me having to keyframe many different parts of the turn, and a lot of trial and error was used.

With this animation I was criticised on my use of camera movement. It’s apparent to the audience that the camera movements in this are distracting and take away from the actual motion of the car. I will act on this and keep it in mind for when I am animating future camera movements and try to keep them looking minimalistic.

This is how I keyframed my first A to B animation in Maya. I made sure to only keyframe in two directions, rather than keyframing everything, which would result in a messy looking graph and an unnecesary large program file.

Anticipation and followthrough

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