Ball Bounces and Bar sheets

This week we were introduced to Ball Bounces. Ball bounces are a very useful excercise to do as they require an understanding of timing, spacing, rhythm, and the physics of why balls bounce. All balls bounce differently depending on the material that they are made out of, and this is portrayed entirely by use of correct timing and spacing.

When a spherical object is in the air, the pressure of the gases inside cause the object to stay as a sphere. The potential energy it has while in the air is transferred to kinetic energy by the overall weight reacting with gravity to give it a velocity. When it comes into contact with the ground, energy is lost by sound and heat, so when it goes back up it can never reach the origninal height again.

As a ball falls it accelerates, this means that when the ball comes into contact with the floor, it should be a suprise to the ball, because the ball is moving at it’s fastest at that point.

I found the graph editor really useful in maya since that was primarily where I was doing most of the animation. I found it really useful when translating my Maya work to 2D animation. I was able to take the graph editor and translate it into a barsheet and then be able to produce the exact same animation but in a different medium. I found that bar sheets are crucial for ball bounces because they are important for planning the right rhythm of the ball bounce.

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