Today we looked into easing used in animation. Easing is used to make movement look more realistic since real objects do not move in continuous A to B movement. They have to accelerate gradually to reach speed, and then gradually slow down to become static. This is achieved with spacing, which is the change in position between frames. In this diagram it shows how equal spacing of an object results in continuous linear movement, however if the spacing changes, then it will look as if the object is accelerating and decelerating. This will overall make much more interesting movement.

I found animating this much easier by making a layout sheet before animating. I felt that this was a very efficient way to plan out my animating and it was very easy to stick to.

Here is my stop motion A to B with easing. I did this using stop motion pro. The most useful part of software for me was probably the onion skinning feature. Onion skinning my animation really made my life easier with getting the correct spacing of the ball. I do think however that the spacing could be better, as it doesn’t look like the ball slows down very gradually. This was because I found it much harder planning out this animation compared to my 2D one because there was no way to place a layout sheet underneath the frames.

One thing that I think would have made it easier is if I had created a bar sheet to work from.

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