In this weeks lecture we looked at the structure of stories from Aristotle’s 3 act structure to Freytags Pyramid. These are structures that I will need to consider when writing my story pitch. One structure that really interested me was Dan Harmon’s story circle.

Story circle diagram

This structure for writing stories has proven to be very effective for writing series. I found this video which explained the story circle idea really well with some good examples. I felt afterwards I had a much better understanding of it and I began brainstorming ideas using that same structure.


The story I need to write will involve two characters interacting. So after I researched story structure, I did a bit of work on finding out what makes a good character. I really like the idea of simply having a hero and a villain, and I want their conflict to be engaging. I want to write a story that has a dark and scary feel to it.

I found this really informative video on how a good villain can really scare the audience, it uses the example of Hannibal Lecter and explains why he is such a well written villain. Something I took away from this which I will definitely use in my story, is the technique of the villain always being in control, and the protagonist being at their mercy. I think this is a really scary technique to use as it creates a feeling of unease with the audience.

When I end up storyboarding my idea I will think a lot about using the composition of the shot to tell the story, and just how much of a story can be told by manipulating levels and negative space.

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