Posing Emotions Task

For this task I understood the importance of acting and not animating from thin air; and also the importance of studying my own body language and others before I could try to pose a character.

I acted out the poses in a mirror, then I set up a tripod and captured them to use as reference. I then drew some of them to get a real sence of the pose.

cocky pose.PNG

Block Movement

For this task we had to animate two sliding blocks along a surface to replicate feet movements and timings. This was my first version which I think works quite succesfully. It seemed a lot harder than I expected because it involved a lot of calculating of translations to get the blocks perfectly syncronised.

After I made that I then went a step further and tried to give the blocks a bit more character and make their steps look a little bit more realistic.

This animation was much more challenging but I think it worked effectively. I learned that one of the key aspects to making the walk look realistic was the illusion of ankle movement. When I first made the blocks lift off the ground the entire block lifted at once and didnt look very good. But by rotating the block and making the back of the block leave the ground first and contact the ground first, then it makes the animation look so much more convincing.

block movement graph editor

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