Making the Pixelation

My role as camera man

My role in the group was camera man.  Me and Edison (director) composed all the shots and made sure that there was continuity and that the shots linked up with the storyboard.

My duties included giving my own artistic interpretations of shots, managing the equipment (so making sure that the exposure was consistent and that we were shooting in the correct resolution), and hiring out the equipment.

The only equipment that we hired out was the tripods, since I used my own DSLR for familiarity. Hiring out the tripods introduced me to SISO the system for hiring out equipment.

Post production


In this shot we wanted to have the character getting electrocuted. So, we had our actor jump on every frame to mimic him flying, just like on neighbours.  We then compiled the frames in Premiere to see what it looked like.  We filmed a camera pan going from left to right, which I think was very effective because it really gave a 3 dimensional aspect to the film with us being able to see all around this character.


After we were happy with the motion of the shot, we manually rotoscoped the electricity effect into every frame using image painting software.

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