Introduction to the Background

For this part of the module I will have to create two backgrounds based on my chosen theme of a Magical Cabin in an Enchanted Forest. One background will be an interior, and one will be a multiplane exterior.

I began with doing some experiments with One point perspective since both backgrounds will require the environment to follow a certain perspective.


Here are some sketches I did whilst brainstorming ideas for the cabin.

I also did some studies of perspective in interiors, including one I drew of a cafe I was in.


This is my first try at a possible interior design utilising two point perspective. From this test I have learnt the importance of the positioning of the horizon line and how this impacts the scene. In this drawing, the horizon line is low which places us underneath most objects and forces us to look up at everything. This could either make us feel small, or make what is depicted in the scene look intimidating.

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