Podcasts and 2D Animation

For the last few months I have been regularly listening to some animation podcasts. One that I’ve enjoyed listening to quite a lot is the Bancroft Brothers animation podcast with Tom Bancroft and Tony Bancroft. They are both ex Disney 2D animators who often interview other veteran Disney animators such as Glen Keane, Don Hahn, and some more modern graphic illustrators and concept artists.

podcast photo The podcast gives in insight into the animation industry mainly in the US but sometimes referring to studios in the UK and the rest of Europe such as Aardman. The conversations usually revolve around 2D animation, the decline in it’s popularity, and the possibility of it’s revival. This is a topic that I am very interested in as I think that 2D animation is a medium that continues to evolve just like any other, with developments in graphic tablet technology, software, “Tradigital animation”, and more creative and complex techniques to produce artwork.

Sergio Pablos (director of Klaus) appeared on one podcast and they spoke about how the success of Klaus could spark a revival in 2D animation. After watching Klaus I watched a behind the scenes of it and I was amazed with how they used lighting AI to give the illusion of the 2D drawings being 3D.


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