Winsor Mccay

Winsor Mccay was the first person to develop Animation as an artform and invested quite a lot into it. He was an excellent drafts-man famous for many of his films including his 1914 film Gertie the Dinosaur where he would perform onstage alongside Gertie.

Gertie the dinosaur

In 1918 he made the first documentary animation, The Sinking of the Lusitania. This was a war propaganda film and a huge breakthrough in realism. It was the longest animated film at the time made of 25000 drawings which took 2 years to make.

sinking of the lusitania

Mccay famously despised funny cartoon shorts that were being produced in the 1920s. He felt that these cartoons cheapened the art form that he created and were now being used as a ‘crude money making business’.

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