Storyboarding 2

I finished my final draft for my script and began working on my storyboard. I was really surprised with the volume of shots that I had created for myself to draw. When writing the script it is easy to not realise how much work you are creating in terms of shot count in just a few sentences.

After spending many hours this is the final board I ended up with.

through the door 8 x 10_Page_2

In terms of shot composition I drew a lot of inspiration from the introduction to Lecter scene from Silence of the Lambs. I experimented with levels to give some information on the characters, I made sure that the Demon was always physically higher than the protagonist to show superiority and intimidation. I also tried to frame the shots wherever possible so that the Demon took up most of the frame and the protagonist only ever took up a small portion; this is to show the difference of control, power, and status of the characters.

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