Resorting to Hand Drawn Animation

After my last animation in Maya I decided to try a different approach to the rest of the tasks as I was finding Maya more and more frustrating. So I decided for my sitting down animation I would try hand drawn animation in ToonBoom since I already had a subscription. I wanted to see if it would take me less time to draw frame by frame animation rather than animating in Maya, since a lot of people are often dissuaded from it as it’s a very time consuming process.

I was really pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the process. I found it very relaxing, it seemed to come very naturally, and it only took one attempt.

sit bar sheet

loomis manequin

I began with making a bar sheet first, then using the Loomis mannequin I drew in the key poses.

After this I planned out the rest of the animation by drawing in the breakdowns and gauges for the inbetweens on a different layer. In the end I ended up with an animation that I was very happy with, so I think that hand drawn animation is something that I will continue with in the future.

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