Good silhouettes are really important for strong character design as they make sure that the character is easily recognisable when limited detail is available such as, in low lighting, or in the distance. It also demonstrates that the basic fundamentals of the character’s image are strong, unique, and appealing.

An example of good character silhouettes are the Star Wars characters.

star wars silhouettes

The thing that makes all the Star Wars characters so successful is that they are all instantly recognisable on screen and this is due mainly to their distinctive silhouettes, and their really strong unique poses.


I did some more sketches to put the cat into a strong pose trying to give him an appealing silhouette.

There was lots of trial and error involved here and it was a bit of a learning curve to try and draw with appeal. I learnt that it is important to keep things simple to achieve an appealing drawing because complicated and hard to read drawings usually lack appeal.


I tried to think about the line of action in some of my sketches to try and help with making a convincing pose.


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