First Week Back

This is my first week back at Uni after a very long summer and lots has changed since last year. We can no longer meet in large groups, we need to wash our hands and wear facemasks constantly, and the term ‘social distancing’ has become a part of everyday vocabulary. Perhaps the biggest change we have endured is the shift to remotely working. Many of us feel that this may now be the new norm and it was an inevitable change that was always coming.

Creative Collaboration and Making of Integrated Practice

This week we were briefed on both of these modules. They are two 20 credit modules that are closely linked together. In Creative collaboration we will work in teams to create a short animation for a client (Salford Quays Culture). In Making of Integrated practice we will document the process of creating our short animation. Half of that module will be assessed group work and the other half will be assessed independent work. Whereas, for the Creative Collaboration module, it is entirely group work.

Module aims

The module aims for Creative Collaboration:

  • To encourage entrepreneurial thinking.
  • To collaborate with other students across programmes to develop networking skills.
  • Understand Industry practices including branding, target markets, and project management.
    • Learning problem solving
    • business management
  • Develop awareness of issues such as sustainability, and ethics.
    • productions having a small carbon footprint
    • the pros and cons of large companies allowing employees to access servers to work from home.
  • Demonstrate detailed knowledge and understanding of key aspects of entrepreneurial thinking and behaviours;
  • Demonstrate a well-developed understanding of, and ability to deploy, a range of industry practices, including branding, target markets and project management;
  • Collectively document the creative/design process and produce an innovative, designed outcome;
  • Execute an ethical and socially conscious design proposal with a measurable positive impact on a specific user, group or community;

Module aims for Making of Integrated Practice:

  • Develop and extend an ability to apply basic design principles;
  • Reinforce the philosophies and strategies to be employed in good time management and planning;
  • Implement reflective practice as a model of good practice;
  • Integrate models of storytelling and documentary practice in students’ working methodologies;
  • Encourage an appreciation of the value and benefits of reflecting on and recording process.
  • Demonstrate an intermediate level of ability to employ principles and terminology associated with documenting practices involved in creative production;
  • Employ an appropriate visual language to communicate process;
  • Apply a variety of storytelling techniques to communicate journeys within production;
  • Implement appropriate editing techniques to communicate outcomes;
  • Evaluate and assess project intentions and outcomes.

Working in Teams

The stages of Team Formation

  • Forming
    • Getting to know the parts of your team
  • Storming
    • unavoidable disagreements due to a balance of egos
      • Having a client can help with this step as they can make decisions for the team.
      • Communication is an important way to get past this.
  • Norming
    • After disagreements have been resolved, this stage is about moving forward and making progress.
    • Usually by this point is where job roles have been assigned
  • Performing
    • This is where the team is most efficient, there are few agreements as everyone knows what they should be doing.
  • Adjourning
    • Evaluation and reflection afterwards. A valuable skill to learn about mistakes to better each other for moving onto another project.

What Team Member am I?

After looking into these different team roles, I decided that I would probably describe myself as a Completer finisher. This is because I can give a lot of attention to detail, I search out errors and omissions, and I tend to deliver things on time. However, I am also inclined to worry unduly, and I’m often reluctant to delegate tasks.

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