This week we looked at doing SWOT analyses. A SWOT analysis is a study made by a company or organisation to identify it’s internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats.

A SWOT analysis can be really useful to help decide which direction would be best for a group to go in, and what things it should try to avoid. It is also useful to see what opportunities can be exploited, and what unpredicted circumstances might arise.

For my personal SWOT analysis for group work I created this.


time/project management

Making colour schemes

2D animation
Not a very good Leader


Delegating tasks
Covid-19 Pandemic has been an opportunity for the animation industry as productions have continued.
Living in Manchester is very good for getting into the animation industry.
I did A-level maths which has proven to be very helpful when planning technical parts of projects, especially in Maya.
Covid-19 pandemic has been very restricting and unpredictable.




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