Performance and Character

In this Module I will be studying human behaviour and using that understanding to further my character animation. Character acting and story will play a big part in my work for this module.

We spoke in the lecture about how any inanimate object can have a character if it is anthropomorphised. And how even primates take on roles, act, and play. And performance and acting is a form of play even in the animal kingdom.

I’ve come to realise that empathy with characters is very important as this will enable audiences to better personify them, and therefore engage more with the animation as a whole. Making the audience believe that the characters are thinking is the best way to create empathy. I was reminded of a quote from Glen Keane “Animation is not the art of making characters move, or even speak, but making characters think”. This is really important as it shows the importance of acting in animation. Characters moving and talking creates an Illusion of Life but as Ed Hooks says “an illusion of life is not acting”. So you should go a step further and give characters intent, actions, and conflicts, and see how your characters decide to deal with all of those.

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