24 Hour animation Jam

This October I took part in the 24 Hour Animation Jam with a group of 4 others on the course. I treat this as practice for the Creative Collaboration Module as it is essentially a very short version of it.

This was one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever done as staying up all night producing an animation creating everything from scratch is not easy. Everybody worked remotely so to communicate we used Discord which was an essential for working together. Using this was valuable because it allowed us to get experience sending files, sharing screens, and solving problems as a team remotely which are skills that are increasing in importance.

We assigned rough job roles and created a simple schedule to plan out the mini project. Inevitably, we fell behind our schedule and found it difficult sticking to it strictly, and we ended up sharing jobs and helping out with each others work.

Finishing this project, I had much more confidence in working on a short film and had a better understanding of using an animation pipeline in practice. But I mainly had excitement to work on our main project. If we could work together to make an animation of reasonable quality in 24 hours, then it’s exciting to think of what we could make in 10 weeks.

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