Making the Soundtrack

At the start of of November we had a networking event with some music students to pitch ideas to each other and form connections with them. During this event we listened to the musicians tell us their specialities and strengths. I had a look through the online portfolios that were provided. After looking through all of the portfolios I quickly found a musician who seemed perfect for our project, so I quickly emailed him and he replied promptly agreeing to come onboard with our project.

Throughout school I had music lessons learning to play the clarinet and piano, and I played in some orchestras. Having a background in music allowed me to better communicate what we wanted with the composer as I knew some of the terminology to be able to form a common language. For instance, at about 1:50 into the animation, the owl travels through the dark smoggy sky, then the clouds part and he sees his bright home island. I wanted this part to be a big emotional moment, so one of the first things we added was a crescendo in that part. Then we played around with the texture and tempo in the bars before that to get a real change of weight in the music.

Once I had the animatic blocked out I sent him it to use as a guide for timings. Over the weeks we sent many versions back and forth as he made changes based on the groups feedback, and I altered the animatic to better accommodate the music. Eventually we ended up with an amazing soundtrack that perfectly fit the mood of our film and had all of the emotional beats we wanted.

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