During this project I really got into storyboarding which I dabbled in a bit last year. Since I was the only member of our group who really had any experience with Storyboard Pro, we agreed to let me do the majority of the storyboarding.

We used Microsoft whiteboard to thumbnail and brainstorm ideas. This was a place we could all log into and add images, videos, and drawings to. It was here where we came up with the idea for our story. We decided to assign each island in the story to a different member of the group so each person could be responsible for their own island. We thumbnailed short sequences for what was going to happen when the Owl lands on each island and we came up with the idea of it collecting sticks. I then took all these thumbnail sketches and redrew them in Storyboard Pro and added in a few scenes to fill in the gaps.

I watched Dermot O’Connor’s LinkedIn learning course on storyboarding. I thought this was a really good in-depth course. It was really useful to revise shot types and film grammar which I applied when creating the storyboard. I also applied posing and staging rules such as the 180 degree rule.

I posed all the scenes I worked on very carefully because I was working to make the animatic watchable in two different aspect ratios. We created the original version with a square aspect ratio so it would look good on social media. We also created a 16:9 version to be viewed on a regular screen. This meant that I had to consciously compose each scene so that all of the important action occurs in the middle horizontal section of the square, this was so the top and bottom could be easily removed to make it 16:9.

After I finished storyboarding, I used Storyboard Pro’s timeline feature to create a basic animatic with rough timings in. I was then able to send this to the musician so that he could start working and make some basic changes to it. I made use of the 3D camera in Storyboard Pro and created some parallax effects in some of the scenes.

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