Making the Soundtrack

At the start of of November we had a networking event with some music students to pitch ideas to each other and form connections with them. During this event we listened to the musicians tell us their specialities and strengths. I had a look through the online portfolios that were provided. After looking through allContinue reading “Making the Soundtrack”

Modelling in Blender

Once we began designing all of the islands, we decided that each member of the group should model something each. So 4 of us modelled islands and Sophie modelled the Owl and rigged it. Personally I didn’t have much experience modelling in Maya before this project but I did have some experience modelling in Blender.Continue reading “Modelling in Blender”

Remote working

One of the biggest challenges this year has been working remotely. This is something that makes group work especially challenging since communication is a lot more difficult. It was essential that we created some sort of communication channel that we could all use to talk and send files. So we decided to use Discord. DiscordContinue reading “Remote working”