To brainstorm ideas as a group, we created an online whiteboard that we could all collaborate on. After lots of brainstorming over a few days, we decided on an idea. Our main concern with this project is making something that is visually appealing and entertaining, since someone might only see a few seconds of it,Continue reading “Brainstorming”

Performance and Character

In this Module I will be studying human behaviour and using that understanding to further my character animation. Character acting and story will play a big part in my work for this module. We spoke in the lecture about how any inanimate object can have a character if it is anthropomorphised. And how even primatesContinue reading “Performance and Character”

My Experiments with abstract Animation

This week I have been playing with after effects to try and make some of my own abstract animations. I have been using Adobe After Effects and experimenting with the Trapcode plugin. After watching the making of the tunnel effect in the 70s Doctor Who intro, and the stargate sequence from 2001, I was inspiredContinue reading “My Experiments with abstract Animation”

Abstract Animation

This week we had a look into the history of abstract animation starting over 100 years ago with Thomas Wilfred’s Lumia, an effect created by shining light through a rotating glass plane with painted art work on, and then having the colourful light projected into view. This creates a very beautiful effect very far aheadContinue reading “Abstract Animation”

First Week Back

This is my first week back at Uni after a very long summer and lots has changed since last year. We can no longer meet in large groups, we need to wash our hands and wear facemasks constantly, and the term ‘social distancing’ has become a part of everyday vocabulary. Perhaps the biggest change weContinue reading “First Week Back”