Good silhouettes are really important for strong character design as they make sure that the character is easily recognisable when limited detail is available such as, in low lighting, or in the distance. It also demonstrates that the basic fundamentals of the character’s image are strong, unique, and appealing. An example of good character silhouettesContinue reading “Silhouettes”

Resorting to Hand Drawn Animation

After my last animation in Maya I decided to try a different approach to the rest of the tasks as I was finding Maya more and more frustrating. So I decided for my sitting down animation I would try hand drawn animation in ToonBoom since I already had a subscription. I wanted to see ifContinue reading “Resorting to Hand Drawn Animation”

Concept Art and Thumbnailing

When working on this project I discovered how important keeping a sketchbook and thumbnailing ideas regularly is. I wouldn’t have been able to decide on character designs if I didn’t have a wide variety of thumbnail designs to choose from. I wathc a lot of Jazza videos and I especially learnt a lot from thisContinue reading “Concept Art and Thumbnailing”