Resorting to Hand Drawn Animation

After my last animation in Maya I decided to try a different approach to the rest of the tasks as I was finding Maya more and more frustrating. So I decided for my sitting down animation I would try hand drawn animation in ToonBoom since I already had a subscription. I wanted to see ifContinue reading “Resorting to Hand Drawn Animation”

Walking in Maya and Stop Motion

Building on my work animating with the two blocks, I went further and applied the same rules to a digital puppet. This puppet was a lot more complicated as there were so many things to control if I wanted it to look convincing such as ankle pivots and toe controls. Eventually I got there withContinue reading “Walking in Maya and Stop Motion”

Animation 102 Brief

This week we were briefed on our Animation 102 module. In this session we discussed a variety of things such as the muscular processes of standing and doing very basic movements, our perception of time, and the posture of characters. Understanding how to animate a human character doing anything requires some knowledge of human anatomy.Continue reading “Animation 102 Brief”