Stop Motion Car repair

I Stumbled upon an interesting youtube channel the other day that repairs and restores vintage cars. What’s interesting about this channel is that the creator uses Stop motion as a tool to show the car components coming together. The videos always seem well crafted as he is very skilled with both his repairs, and hisContinue reading “Stop Motion Car repair”

Podcasts and 2D Animation

For the last few months I have been regularly listening to some animation podcasts. One that I’ve enjoyed listening to quite a lot is the Bancroft Brothers animation podcast with Tom Bancroft and Tony Bancroft. They are both ex Disney 2D animators who often interview other veteran Disney animators such as Glen Keane, Don Hahn,Continue reading “Podcasts and 2D Animation”

Sinbad Skeleton Fight

My first introduction to animation was through stop motion. I grew up watching Ray Harryhausen’s classics and rewatching one the other week reminded me of one of my favourite animated sequences which is from The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. This scene always fascinated me growing up, and it seems more and more impressive the moreContinue reading “Sinbad Skeleton Fight”

Waking Sleeping Beauty

One afternoon we watched the Waking Sleeping Beauty documentary which is a film I went back and rewatched a few times (especially after Disney plus was released) because I found it so interesting. The documentary focused on the time that Disney was struggling during the late 1980s after many box office failures and lack ofContinue reading “Waking Sleeping Beauty”

Animation Context Introduction: Persistence of Vision

The persistence of vision is the phenomenon which is responsible for why we view animation. When we see an object, the light reflected from it passes through the lens of the eye and is projected onto the retina in reverse. The information is then passed to the brain via the optic nerve where then theContinue reading “Animation Context Introduction: Persistence of Vision”