Good silhouettes are really important for strong character design as they make sure that the character is easily recognisable when limited detail is available such as, in low lighting, or in the distance. It also demonstrates that the basic fundamentals of the character’s image are strong, unique, and appealing. An example of good character silhouettesContinue reading “Silhouettes”

Background exterior Photoshop file

Firstly I began by drawing a really rough layer to get an idea of how I wanted the image to be composed. I then added two perspective grids and drew over the rough drawings with more precision. I decided that two point perspective would be best to show the cabin. When I was happy withContinue reading “Background exterior Photoshop file”

Introduction to the Background

For this part of the module I will have to create two backgrounds based on my chosen theme of a Magical Cabin in an Enchanted Forest. One background will be an interior, and one will be a multiplane exterior. I began with doing some experiments with One point perspective since both backgrounds will require theContinue reading “Introduction to the Background”