Concept Art and Thumbnailing

When working on this project I discovered how important keeping a sketchbook and thumbnailing ideas regularly is. I wouldn’t have been able to decide on character designs if I didn’t have a wide variety of thumbnail designs to choose from. I wathc a lot of Jazza videos and I especially learnt a lot from thisContinue reading “Concept Art and Thumbnailing”


In this weeks lecture we looked at the structure of stories from Aristotle’s 3 act structure to Freytags Pyramid. These are structures that I will need to consider when writing my story pitch. One structure that really interested me was Dan Harmon’s story circle. This structure for writing stories has proven to be very effectiveContinue reading “Storytelling”

Script to Screen: Storytelling

Today we were introduced to and briefed for our new module. This module focuses on the preproduction of animation and the creative side of working on a project. As part of the brief we were introduced to storytelling methodologies and conventions such as Freytags Pyramid. The brief is, to create two original characters and developContinue reading “Script to Screen: Storytelling”